Couples Counseling


Relationships naturally change over time. However, when tensions build and problems increase in our most important relationships confusion and frustration can be overwhelming. You might think you should avoid the problem until it goes away, or wonder if you should try harder. Maybe it feels like it's time to leave. 

Typically we talk about: 

  • Concerns 
  • Goals 
  • Quality of relationship interactions
  • Communication that improves feeling "heard" and understood
  • Relationship patterns


 Sometimes the challenge stems from communication - the words we choose, a poor attitude, lack of appreciation, understanding, or something else that needs attention. Part of what we do in couples counseling is work to improve relationship patterns. I offer reflections, suggestions, and specific ways to create deeper understanding. We focus on strengthening caring and kind connection through direct and respectful communication within the relationship. 

Many relationship problems can get better with effort and gentle guidance. As partners understand what leads to the difficulty they also gain information about what might be more helpful. Partners frequently experience personal growth as well as relationship improvement through couples counseling.